[EXCLUSIVE] Hearing Loss Association of America Partners With Nano Hearing Technology To Provide The Next 100 Lucky Seniors Hearing Aids At 95% OFF…

Published On: 12th October 2018
Last Updated On: 13th October 2018


Right now, 48 million Americans currently have hearing loss, and 75% can’t afford treatment (Hearingloss.org)…

Unfortunately, 98% of the hearing aid market is monopolized by big, greedy, expensive hearing aid companies that charge a whopping $5,000+ for basic hearing aids…

Thus, to help seniors hear their loved ones better and not get ripped off, the Hearing Loss Association just recently partnered with Nano Hearing Technology to provide new invisible hearing aids for 1/20 the price but only for the next 24 hrs…

What’s The New Opportunity For You?

This new program sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association allows you to receive a $5,000 pair of NEW hearing aid technology for 1/20 the price!

All they ask in return is that you provide feedback on how well the device is working for you. That’s it!

Call 1 808-400-6631

I know. You’re probably wondering…

What’s the Catch?

The beautiful part is…There is absolutely NO catch other than this limited time reduced 95% OFF price offer is only available for the next 100 callers in the next 24 hrs. Then it will expire. Callers can save $4,750 right now thanks to the Hearing Loss Association!

The only official phone number we could find for the program is 1 808-400-6631.

Our editors recommend calling now to see if you qualify to get this $5,000 pair of hearing aids for 1/20 the price. Don’t wait otherwise, you might miss out on the greatest hearing technology opportunity of 2018.

The hotline will automatically route you to a representative with Nano Hearing Technology so you can get your pair of hearing aids for 1/20 the normal price.

Reserve your spot now because only 100 callers to have the opportunity to get this new invisible hearing device, our editors recommend calling the hotline today.

UPDATE Saturday, 13th October 2018: The wait times are 1-2 minutes on average, which means a lot of people are calling and taking advantage of the program. We recommend calling 1 808-400-6631 right now to reserve your appointment before it’s too late.

neno hearing devicces

The downfall? We aren’t sure how long this program will stay open and funded like this.

Many of our readers have shared the news with their Facebook friends and have even shared it directly to friends and family that they know struggle with hearing.

This means, that the program will probably be shut down very soon.

“We wanted to provide a hotline for Americans who could benefit from the latest digital hearing technology for 1/20 the price”

What You Can Do About It?

The time to act is now. This program may end any time without notice. If you or a loved one is struggling with hearing it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Over 48 Million Americans are currently struggling with hearing loss. You can get help. It’s time to take back control of your ears and your life.

Call 1 808-400-6631

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you have any sort of hearing loss, watch this hearing test video, you might be shocked at what you can (or can’t) hear!

3 Hidden Hearing Loss Dangers

While researching this program, our editors were shocked to discover all the health problems associated with hearing loss. 

Having the ability to hear allows you to have stronger relationships with your husband or wife, with your children, and your grandkids! Not being able to hear means missing out on precious moments with your loved ones.

Because the brain doesn’t get the same signals it’s used to, hearing loss can lead to poor brain function and other health problems. Hearing loss has been linked to the following:

  1. Dementia
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Depression 

It also leads to problems with mood and can even lead to divorce in some cases. So when we go for a long time with serious hearing loss, even though it seems like it’s not a big deal, it has a long list of negative effects on your life and on your loved ones.

Top 5 Reasons Most People Haven’t Gotten a Hearing Test Yet

Unfortunately, the 75% of people who need a hearing test or hearing aids haven’t gotten either. Our editors found the 5 most common reasons people with hearing loss haven’t done anything yet.

  1. They Don’t Realize They Have Hearing Loss. After interviewing 570 people with hearing loss and reading medical studies, our editors found that the biggest reason reason people don’t buy hearing aids is because they don’t know they actually have hearing loss. Most people neglect their ears for 7-10 years before taking action.
  2. Pride and Denial. Most people don’t want to admit that they have a hearing problem that needs any treatment. They think “it’s not that bad” or that their problem isn’t big enough to spend money on to fix. The biggest reason people need to get hearing aids is actually the health problems listed above. Essentially the brain is like a muscle, and when the brain can’t hear fully, it starts to shut down.
  3. Cosmetics. Surprisingly guys are actually more vein than women when it comes to hearing aids. Men feel “unmanly” if they need hearing aids, and women often feel like it might make them less attractive, but both are misconceptions, and now there are advanced invisible hearing aids that fit completely inside the canal.
  4. Price. For the majority of Americans, shelling out $500 for a hearing test or $5,000 for hearing aids that might not work or might be too complex to use is a big risk. Fortunately, with this new program, you may be eligible for exclusive discounts if you qualify and call today 1 808-400-6631
  5. Failure. Many older folks believe that getting hearing aids is a sign that they’ve failed. This is similar to pride, but viewing hearing aids as a handicap that makes them seem “weaker”. Realize that people most likely aren’t actually buy hearing aids for themselves. They buy them for the benefit of someone else. Think about it – a husband or wife buys hearing aids to the benefit of his spouse, kids, and grandkids so they can all interact without having to repeat everything.

Think About Your Loved Ones

John Parker took advantage of this new hearing test program for his mother the same day he saw his 5 year old son Sam trying to ask his 78 year old grandmother Lisa a question but she couldn’t hear him. “It was very sad”, John said,

“Lucas looked up with big eyes and said “Grandma, can we bake chocolate chip cookies?” She didn’t respond. He asked again, and she still didn’t respond…”

grandpaaThen Lucas thought she was ignoring him so he started crying uncontrollably like I’ve never seen. I could tell he felt very rejected, and the crazy part is my mother didn’t even know what she did. I couldn’t imagine all the other things she’s missing out on in her life, not to mention the arguments with her husband over basic things that would be resolved if they could actually hear each other let alone the TV!

The next day, I paid for a hearing test and got my mother invisible hearing aids that fit completely inside the canal. Here’s what she started telling me over the next week:

  • “I heard sounds I haven’t heard in years, I thought I was good, but I didn’t know what I was missing! It’s like not wearing glasses and thinking you have 20/20 only to realize you’ve been going through life 1/2 blind!”
  • “I can finally hear the grandkids, it made me cry!”
  • “I don’t have to ask my husband to repeat himself anymore”
  • “Last year, I almost got in a car wreck because I couldn’t hear a car coming through the red light”
  • “I used to have trouble cooking because I couldn’t hear the boiling water on the stove, not anymore.”
  • “I can listen to the TV at normal volume, used to be on 40, now it’s on 18”
  • “I can hear the pastor in church just as clearly as when I was 21!”
  • “I thought I didn’t need hearing aids, until I discovered all the health problems associated with not being able to hear”
  • “Once I discovered that invisible hearing aids exist, I was sold. That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I got.”

In fact, one of our writers (name kept anonymous) here at Hearing Loss Association gave the special helpline a call during her lunch break and was able to get help the very same day.

“I’m not sure how long this phone number will be available, so I called as fast as I could, during my lunch break, and was able to get help in minutes. I’m so happy that a service like this now exists. I was in tears that evening because I finally feel like I’m not alone; I finally will be able to do the things on my bucket list and enjoy my most important sense (hearing!).”

If your hearing isn’t perfect or you know someone who could benefit from this free helpline, we recommend you share this article with them.

Call 1 808-400-6631 right now to see how much help you qualify for.

Hearing Loss Association is a free, community supported American online publication helping consumers take hold of their future and not letting big corporations take advantage of them.


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